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USGSの地震情報 を使ったツィッター情報源

・Twitter : Earthquakes Tsunamis

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資料「BP : Statistical Review of World Energy 2011」

BP : Statistical Review of World Energy 2011
- Energy Outlook 2030

- Renewable energy

"eview by energy type Oil An in-depth review of the global oil industry Natural gas Detailed analysis of the global natural gas market Coal Data relating to coal reserves, consumption, production and prices Nuclear energy Consumption data for electricity generated by nuclear power Hydroelectricity Details of hydroelectricity consumption Renewable energy A review of various sources of renewable energy Primary energy Consumption statistics for commercially traded fuels Electricity View details of electricity generation data"

image(”Oil prices”) : BP : Statistical Review of World Energy 2011より

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資料「Update! 20 PowerPoint Slides That Shook the Earth」 世界は変わる

Update! 20 PowerPoint Slides That Shook the Earth-----greentechmedia,SEPTEMBER 22, 2011

"These slides have served as change agents in greentech circles. By popular demand, we’ve added a few slides to the collection.
.......... "


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2050年までに商業漁業が不可能になる恐れ、国連環境計画が警鐘-----AFPBB News http://bit.ly/d56qYg ;参- #food #fishing


twilog : fishing

2050年までに商業漁業が不可能になる恐れ、国連環境計画が警鐘-----AFP BB News,2010年05月18日


- Rebuilding Global Fisheries 要約-----勝川俊雄 公式サイト、2009-09-11

- Rebuilding Global Fisheries -- Worm et al. 325 (5940): 578-----*


Study shows progress in rebuilding global fisheries-----Eartheasy Blog,AUG 24, 2009

 欧文の記事は読むとまたニュアンスが異なります。AFP BB Newsのタイトルの付け方に問題があるということもありそうです。このエントリーの巻末にメモを追加、さらにUNEPに問い合わせのメールを出します。この項ぼちぼち継続予定です。(6/4)

Warmer World May Mean Less Fish("IN DEAD WATER"Report) / プレスリリース UNEP(進む海の温暖化の危機)-----しなやかな技術研究会、2008/02/29

Green Economy Initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) :

Caught Out... The way forward for fishery subsidies


WWFジャパン : 持続可能な漁業の推進


続きを読む "2050年までに商業漁業が不可能になる恐れ、国連環境計画が警鐘-----AFPBB News http://bit.ly/d56qYg ;参- #food #fishing"

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クリッピング / 人間学を学ぶブログ 「こころは超臨界」
自動車は2050年には世界で10億台になる――奥田 碩さん、2007-02-23





続きを読む "2050年に自動車は、世界で10億台!?"

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 宣言の内容は、詳細わかりませんが、京都で開催されていた「気候変動に関する世界市長・首長協議会」(World Mayors Council on Climate Change)で表題のような宣言が採択されたようです。

クリッピング /
温室効果ガス、2050年までに80%削減 世界市長・首長協が京都宣言-----Yahoo News(京都新聞),2月18日

.......... "

続きを読む "京都市、ボン市、シアトル市、モントリオール市など、温室効果ガス、2050年までに80%削減を”宣言”"

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IPCCのClimate Change 2007 [ info / 資料 ]



  • IPCC
    / Support for preparation of graphics, maps and figures / DRAFT UNDER REVIEW - Producing graphics and maps for a scientific report
    / IPCC adopts major assessment of climate change science-----2 February 2007
    / User Guide to the IPCC Website

  • クリッピング(最新順)

  • 独立系、Blog、専門ニュースメディアサイト


    Full IPCC AR4 report now available-----RealClimate,29 Apr 2007

    " The complete WG1 IPCC 4th Assessment report (AR4) is now available online. "

    IPCC第2作業部会、第4次報告書を公表 「全大陸とほとんどの海洋で温暖化の影響が出現」 -----EICネット、2007.04.10


    Latest IPCC report notes grim effects of climate change on ecosystems-----Gristmill,05 Apr 2007

    ”チャンネル4”-----GreenPost しな研さんのクリップ


    Skeptics vs IPCC: A fresh perspective-----Carbon News and Info - Climate change news,5 March 2007

    " .........
    The major issue here is that the general public, nor most journalists and commentators, do not have the scientific knowledge to be able to objectively appraise the competing claims of skeptics and those who support the majority view. "


    Atmosphere of Pressure: Union of Concerned Scientists Finds Widescale Political Interference in Global Warming Research
    -----Democracy Now!,February 28th, 2007

    " While experts agree the debate over global warming has long been put to rest, climate scientists face ongoing political interference in their research. Two members of the Union of Concerned Scientists join us to talk about what it will take to move past climate-change denial and bring about meaningful policy change. "

    Warning on Warming-----ZNET,February 20, 2007



    Several Science Errors (Or, At Best Cherrypicking) In the 2007 IPCC Statement For Policymakers-----Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr. Research Group Weblog,February 15, 2007

    -----------reason hit&run ---------

    Cold Case vs. CSI-----RealClimate,14 Feb 2007

    Turning tides ,Joseph Stiglitz -----Guardian Unlimited,comment is free... ,February 10,2007

    " The climate change message is finally getting through; it's time for political leaders to move beyond mere rhetoric and act.
    The changing climate on climate change provides political leaders in Europe and other potential members of this "coalition of the willing" an unprecedented opportunity to move beyond mere rhetoric. The time to act is now. "

    ExxonMobil and the White House finally get it about global warming . . . NOT!-----DANGEROUS INTERSECTION,February 9th, 2007


    京都議定書よりも賢明な政策-----池田信夫 blog、 2007年02月7日

    " ..........WSJが今週行ったエコノミストへのアンケートでも、47人中40人が(京都議定書のような)エネルギー規制よりも化石燃料への課税のほうが望ましいとしている。......... "

    地球温暖化のメディアバイアス-----池田信夫 blog、 2007年02月2日


    The Rising Tide-----Celsias,February 5, 2007

    " ..........- a rising tide of enthusiastic, positive action.

    Beyond our individual actions, we need to work together. Ultimately, we can’t do it alone. We are all part of this great web of life, and the way our societies are structured substantially impact our individual ability to live sustainably. "


    排出炭素=負のGDPが急成長~IPCC報告 -----佐藤秀の徒然\{?。?}/ワカリマシェン、2007年02月04日

    Reduce your carbon footprint-----David Report,5 February, 2007


    IPCC第1作業部会、第4次報告書を公表 「温暖化の原因は人為起源」とほぼ断定-----EICネット News,2007.02.05

    Bush Backers Offer Bribes to Undercut Global Warming Report-----Atlantic Free Press, 03 February 2007

    Headlines for February 2, 2007-----Democracy Now!

    " Human-Caused Global Warming Could be Insurmountable
    The world’s leading body of climate scientists has concluded global warming is ”very likely” caused by human activity and may be impossible to stop. In its strongest language to date, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Environmental Climate Change is predicting melting glaciers, rising temperatures and higher sea levels.

    IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri: ”I only want to draw your attention to the fact that we are, and if you look at the language of the summary for policy makers you'll be able to read this, we are in a sense doing things, that perhaps have not happened in 650,000 years.” ..........."

    IPCC第四次報告書についての断片-10 years to save the planet-----温暖化いろいろ、2007-02-02

    Serious Games Beyond IPCC: Adventure Ecology -----FUTURE-MAKING SERIOUS GAMES, February 02, 2007


  • マスメディア
    国連部会がCO2削減コスト例示、「300億トン減可能」-----YOMIURI ONLINE,2007年4月25日
    " 国連「気候変動に関する政府間パネル(IPCC)」の第3作業部会が、30日からバンコクで開く総会で採択する予定の報告書案が明らかになった。
    地球温暖化を食い止めるための効果的な「緩和策」をまとめたもので、各国が平均で二酸化炭素(CO2)を1トン削減する費用に100ドルかければ、2030年には最大で、現在の世界の年間総排出量を上回る300億トンを削減できると提言している。 "

    Your Views: Garth vs Brian: Are those predictions about climate change true?-----nzherald.co.nz,Friday April 13, 2007

    Debate heats up over climate report-----Houston Chronicle(AP),April 6, 2007

    " ..........The paragraph originally said scientists had "very high confidence" ? which means more than 90 percent chance of accuracy ? in the statement that many natural systems around the globe "are being affected by regional climate changes, particularly temperature increases."

    After days of intensive small group negotiations over this section, delegates from China and Saudi Arabia on Friday insisted that the confidence be reduced to "high confidence" which means more than 80 percent accuracy.
    ......... "


    温暖化の悪影響を評価 IPCC部会が開会-----TOKYO Web,2007年4月2日

    Why the right goes nuclear over global warming-----latimes.com,March 25, 2007
    " Most of the heat is generated by a small number of hard-core ideologues.
    ........Your average conservative may not know anything about climate science, but conservatives do know they hate Al Gore. So, hold up Gore as a hate figure and conservatives will let that dictate their thinking on the issue. "

    Global warming: An inconvenient truth or hot air?-----THE INDEPENDENT,04 March 2007

    " Everyone agrees global warming is a terrible fact of life. Right? Wrong. A film to be screened this week ridicules the Al Gore orthodoxy. Geoffrey Lean reports on the green war "

    ----------World News : Global warming: An inconvenient truth or hot air?----------

    EU leaders to focus on energy, climate change at summit-----Yahoo! News (AFP),Sun Mar 4

    " EU leaders will try to breathe new life this week into plans to diversify energy sources and combat climate change at a summit in Brussels amid fears they will only blow "hot air", officials and experts said.
    Officials said that energy policy would be in the focus after climbing high on the EU political agenda over the last year on concerns about the reliability of Russia as a supplier and the need to find less polluting sources. "

    ヒマラヤ氷河 温暖化で5分の1へ IPCC、水源の崩壊指摘-----FujiSankei Business i. 2007/2/12

    CLIMATE CHANGE : South Pacific More Vulnerable Than Thought-----IPS,Feb 22

    " ..........
    The IPCC report, released earlier this month in Paris, blamed human activities for global warming. It said in its grimmest warning ever that rising temperatures could cause more droughts, heat waves and rising seas for 10,000 years even if emissions of greenhouse gases are capped.

    It predicted a three-degree Celsius temperature rise, which it said was ”conservative”. The real rise could be double that figure, resulting in ‘truly catastrophic’ conditions for all life on earth. "
    .......... "

    支局長からの手紙:もう、手遅れ? /京都-----Yahoo!ニュース(毎日新聞)、2月19日

    Understanding the Climate Change and the IPCC Report-----Turkish Weekly,13 February 2007

    No change in political climate-----Boston Globe,February 9, 2007

    So how many scientists does it take to change a light bulb?
    .......... "

    花粉症増え、熱波で死者 IPCC第4次報告書案-----Sankei WEB, 2007/2/9

    "  熱波による死者の増加や花粉症の悪化など、地球温暖化が自然環境だけでなく、人の健康や命にも影響を及ぼしていることを初めて指摘した「気候変動に関する政府間パネル(IPCC)」第2作業部会の第4次報告書案が9日、明らかになった。 "

    あすからドイツG7 地球温暖化対策も重要議題に -----FujiSankei Business i. 2007/2/8


    Climate Change, Yes - But How Fast?-----Tierramerica,2007/02/03(IPS)

    「ガス強制削減」米は認めず 国連報告書が温暖化警告 -----イザ!、02/04

    温暖化への不安、科学的に裏づけ IPCC報告書-----asahi,com,2007年02月04日

    Worse than we thought-----Guardian Unlimited Environment,February 3, 2007

    世界の気温「100年後1.8~4度上昇」 温暖化会合-----asahi,com,2007年02月02日

    " 地球温暖化の科学的根拠を審議する「気候変動に関する政府間パネル(IPCC)第1作業部会」会合が1日、パリで開かれ、第4次評価報告書を承認した。報告書では、温暖化は確実に進み、人間活動による温室効果ガス排出が要因の可能性がかなり高いことを確認。21世紀末には、循環型社会を実現しても約1.8度、化石燃料に依存し高度経済成長した場合だと約4度と、幅はあるが気温上昇は避けられないと予測した。温室効果ガス削減と、気温上昇で起きる事態への適応を強く迫る内容だ。拘束力はないが、京都議定書などの交渉にも影響を及ぼしそうだ。 "
  • UN Panel: Humans To Blame For "unequivocal" Global Warming-----Playfuls.com,February 2nd 2007

  • 国、行政機関、関連機関
    NASA STUDY FINDS WARMER FUTURE COULD BRING DROUGHTS-----NASA earth observatory News,February 12, 2007

    G8 Climate Change Dialogue Moves to Washington-----The World Bank, News & Broadcast,February 14, 2007
    " Economist Stern: World Bank Can Help Countries Confront Global Problem "

    / 気候変動に関する政府間パネル(IPCC)第4次評価報告書 第1作業部会報告書(自然科学的根拠)の公表について-----プレスリリース、平成19年2月2日


    EICネット / IPCC第4次評価報告書への各国の反応 -----2007.02.02
     (欧州委員会プレスリリース:Climate change: New report from the world's leading scientists underlines the need for urgent global action,02/02/2007

  • NGO,NPO,民間研究所
    AAAS Board Releases New Statement on Climate Change-----AAAS News Release,18 February 2007
    " The scientific evidence is clear: global climate change caused by human activities is occurring now, and it is a growing threat to society. Accumulating data from across the globe reveal a wide array of effects: rapidly melting glaciers, destabilization of major ice sheets, increases in extreme weather, rising sea level, shifts in species ranges, and more. The pace of change and the evidence of harm have increased markedly over the last five years. The time to control greenhouse gas emissions is now. "

    Technology behind IPCC report-----suite101,Feb 15, 2007

    " ..........
    The technology behind the report is the Model Coupling Toolkit - created by the Argonne National Laboratory in the United States. The software allows scientists to link together data and was the main tool used to write the report”"Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. ”"

    (MEMO: Argonne National Laboratory / ” Argonne plays key role in new climate simulations.....


    Special Report: From words to action-----nature - News -,8 February 2007(有料)

    " ...........
    The report is the first to give a best estimate - 3 °C - of 'climate sensitivity': the global mean temperature rise resulting from a doubling of carbon dioxide levels. The range of possible values has also been tightened, to 2.0?4.5 °C. This feeds into predictions of the temperature increase over this century, which is now given as 1.1-6.4 °C, compared with 1.4 - 5.8 °C last time. Where we end up on that scale will depend mostly on how much fossil fuel the world burns. "

    Sierraclub Compass / Over to You -----February 04, 2007

    " ..........- this is real, this is real, this is real. So now act, the ball’s back in your court.”
    That's Dr. Richard Alley, Professor of Geosciences .......... "

    / Dividing Lines-----February 06, 2007

    RealClimate / Fraser Institute fires off a damp squib-----3 Feb 2007

    Union of Concerned Scientists / Political Interference in Science

    DeSmog : IPCC 2007 Info Centre / Mirror Dismisses Fraser Institute Denial /- ATTACKS ON GLOBAL WARMING-----Mirror.co.uk,5 February 2007

    IPCC report ups the Kyoto ante----- carbonpositive,5 February 2007

    " The governments of these three countries were already under enormous pressure for change as 2006 ended – the Bush Administration by a new Democrat-controlled Congress, drought-ravaged and water-challenged Australia entering an election year, and Canada’s Harper government engaged in a heated national debate as it attempts to reset climate policy. "

    Global warming is worse than we thought, but it’s not too late for us to act.-----Carbon Planet,

  • 関連エントリー

    続きを読む "IPCCのClimate Change 2007 [ info / 資料 ]"

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    IPCCのClimate Change 2007がまもなく公開されます

    -----image : pop up ; キャプチャー画像。 from IPCCホームページ

     IPCC は、Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeのことでUNEPの気候変動パネルから独立して生まれた国際的なこの分野における各国間の共通認識ならびに研究を行う名目で組織されている日本名:気候変動に関する政府間パネル。
     このIPCCがパリ時間の2/2日にClimate Change 2007という6年の歳月をかけた気候変動リポートを発表する。まもなく、ホームページにも公開される。

    ” 2500+ scientific expert reviewers
    800+ contributing authors and
    450+ lead authars form
    130+ countries
    6 years work
    4 volumes
    1 report ”


    IPCC Publications


    続きを読む "IPCCのClimate Change 2007がまもなく公開されます"

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    クリッピング / 毎日新聞 2007年1月22日
    ティーンズに開くNewsの窓:/34 世界の人口

    " ..........07年から「団塊の世代」の定年退職が始まり、今後、高齢化に拍車がかかります。日本の人口は50年には1億人を割り込(こ)んで9515万人まで減り、55年には8993万人になる見通しです。労働力人口が半減する一方で、高齢化率は41%に跳(は)ね上(あ)がります。高齢化の進展に伴(ともな)う社会保障費の増大をどうまかなっていくかなどが課題となっています。.......... "


    続きを読む "2050年の世界人口は、90億人に"

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