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BP Energy Outlook 2035 リリース。”化石”依存と限界を背景に、再生可能エネルギーは拡大せざるをえない

 BPは、BP Energy Outlook 2035を1月15日に発表しました。今回のリポートでは、2035年までの、世界的なエネルギーの状況をいくつかの節目にそって、中期的な将来を概観する内容になっています。

 世界の将来の予測としては、経済成長とエネルギー消費のスピードの鈍化がやってくるとする見方があり、そのタイミングを占おうとする動きもあります。その意味で、今回のBP Energy Outlookは重要な内容です。



プレスリリース / BP, 15 January 2014
BP Energy Outlook 2035 Shows Global Energy Demand Growth Slowing, Despite Increases Driven by Emerging Economies

-----image : 「Outlook to 2035 presentation slides (pdf)」p.8より

" Outlook focuses on supply sufficiency, security and sustainability.

Global energy demand continues to grow but that growth is slowing and mainly driven by emerging economies - led by China and India - according to the BP Energy Outlook 2035, which is published today.
..........The Outlook reveals that global energy consumption is expected to rise by 41 per cent from 2012 to 2035 – compared to 55 per cent over the last 23 years (52 per cent over the last twenty) and 30% over the last ten. Ninety five per cent of that growth in demand is expected to come from the emerging economies, while energy use in the advanced economies of North America, Europe and Asia as a group is expected to grow only very slowly – and begin to decline in the later years of the forecast period.

Shares of the major fossil fuels are converging with oil, natural gas and coal each expected to make up around 27% of the total mix by 2035 and the remaining share coming from nuclear, hydroelectricity and renewables. Among fossil fuels, gas is growing fastest, increasingly being used as a cleaner alternative to coal for power generation as well as in other sectors.


Nuclear energy output is expected to rise to 2035 at around 1.9% a year. China, India and Russia will together account for 96% of the global growth in nuclear power, while nuclear output in the US and EU declines due to expected plant closures.

The growth in hydroelectric power is expected to moderate to 1.8% a year to 2035, with nearly half of the growth coming from China, India and Brazil.

Renewables are expected to continue to be the fastest growing class of energy, gaining market share from a small base as they rise at an average of 6.4% a year to 2035. Renewables’ share of global electricity production is expected to grow from 5% to 14% by 2035. While the OECD economies have led in renewables growth, renewables in the non-OECD are catching up and are expected to account for 45% of the total by 2035. Including biofuels, renewables are expected to have a higher share of primary energy than nuclear by 2025.
.......... "

BP Energy Outlook / Outlook to 2035

BP Energy Outlook 2035: A view from 2014



再生エネ供給、25年までに原子力上回る 英BP見通し-----日本経済新聞、2014/1/16


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