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 チューリッヒにあるIBMの研究所とスイス大学 Swiss university の研究グループは、4月22日にアースデイを記念して、ディシュ型の集光型太陽光発電(CPV:concentrated photovoltaic)装置と、スーパーコンピューター用に開発された冷却装置を改造した太陽熱利用機能を搭載した、新たな装置を公開しました。その名は、高い効率で太陽エネルギーを利用可能にできるということで、HCPVT(High Concentration Photovoltaic Thermal - ”高集光・集熱型太陽エネルギー利用装置”)と称されています。
 さらに、完成型のシステムでは、数百の太陽電池を組み合わせることで、25kWpの電気を作りだすことができるということです。(熱は、 wired.jp の記事によれば、50kW)



 今後は、実際どれか私たちが実際に利用できるシステムにはどんなものがあるのか? 大いに興味のあるテーマです。

プレスリリース / IBM,22 Apr 2013
Made in IBM Labs: Collaboration Aims to Harness the Energy of 2,000 Suns

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"- High Concentration PhotoVoltaic Thermal system able to convert 80 percent of the collected solar energy - System can deliver electricity, potable water and cool air in remote locations - Design based on a low-cost, large dish-like concentrator and micro-channel cooled high performance photovoltaic chips suitable for mass-production

Today on Earth Day, scientists have announced a collaboration to develop an affordable photovoltaic system capable of concentrating solar radiation 2,000 times and converting 80 percent of the incoming radiation into useful energy. The system can also provide desalinated water and cool air in sunny, remote locations where they are often in short supply.
The prototype HCPVT system uses a large parabolic dish, made from a multitude of mirror facets, which are attached to a sun tracking system. The tracking system positions the dish at the best angle to capture the sun's rays, which then reflect off the mirrors onto several microchannel-liquid cooled receivers with triple junction photovoltaic chips -- each 1x1 centimeter chip can convert 50 watts, on average, over a typical eight hour day in a sunny region.
The entire receiver combines hundreds of chips and provides 25 kilowatts of electrical power. The photovoltaic chips are mounted on micro-structured layers that pipe liquid coolants within a few tens of micrometers off the chip to absorb the heat and draw it away 10 times more effective than with passive air cooling.
The coolant maintains the chips almost at the same temperature for a solar concentration of 2,000 times and can keep them at safe temperatures up to a solar concentration of 5,000 times.
The direct cooling solution with very small pumping power is inspired by the hierarchical branched blood supply system of the human body and has been already tested by IBM scientists in high performance computers, including Aquasar. An initial demonstrator of the multi-chip receiver was developed in a previous collaboration between IBM and the Egypt Nanotechnology Research Center.

A Solar Energy Breakthrough

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"Bruno Michel, a research scientist at IBM Research - Zurich, explains his latest invention--a technique for concentrating solar radiation to create a much more effective system for harvesting energy from the sun. His hope is that this technique will prove to be so successful that we'll be able to use it to replace all fossil fuel and nuclear energy with solar. The work is being done in conjunction with the Egypt Nanotechnology Center: http://www.egnc.gov.eg

On Earth Day 2013 scientists announced a collaboration to develop an affordable photovoltaic system capable of concentrating, on average, the power of 2,000 suns, with an efficiency that can collect 80 percent of the incoming radiation and convert it to useful energy. The proposed system can be built anywhere sustainable energy, drinkable water and cool air are in short supply at a cost of three times lower than comparable systems."

「効率80%の太陽光技術」をIBMが開発-----Wired Japan,2013.5.1


-----ASCII.jp ,2014年09月26日

"米IBMの研究機関IBMリサーチは9月24日(欧州時間)、スイスAirlight Energyと共同で太陽光を2000倍に集光、エネルギーの80%を活用するシステムを開発、2017年までに市場投入すると発表した。"

米 IBMとサウジアラビア KACST、集光型太陽光発電を用いた海水の淡水化を共同開発-----ソフトエネルギー、2010/04/13

IBM Research Unveils Breakthrough In Solar Farm Technology/ プレスリリース (IBM、集光型太陽電池の冷却システムを発表)-----ソフトエネルギー、2008/05/22


京応化とIBM、次世代太陽電池製造プロセスを共同開発 / プレスリリース IBM-----ソフトエネルギー、2008/06/18

集光型太陽光発電 / 自然エネルギーの世界-----自然エネルギー、2010/07/15


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« 日立アドバンストデジタル、産総研の電力線通信技術を利用した個別太陽電池監視システムを開発 | トップページ | 福島県沖2MW浮体式洋上風力発電機、10月稼動に向けて準備が進んでいます »