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オーシャンパワー・テクノロジー Ocean Power Technologiesとロッキード・マーティン Lockheed Martin、豪州で波力発電ブイの大型プロジェクト実施へ

 ブイ型の波力発電機で世界をリードしているオーシャンパワー・テクノロジー Ocean Power Technologiesは、航空機&ロケット、船舶などの開発大手ロッキード・マーティン Lockheed Martin と共同で、オーストラリのアビクトリア州ポートランドにおいて、19MW規模の波力発電プロジェクトを実施すると発表しました。


オーシャンパワー・テクノロジー Ocean Power Technologies、150KW波力発電装置パワーブイ PB150近況。スコットランド-オレゴンプロジェクト-----ソフトエネルギー、2011/06/23

 オーシャンパワー・テクノロジー Ocean Power Technologies社の、スコットランドとオレゴンでのプロジェクトで実証実験が行われたのは、150KW波力発電装置パワーブイ PB150です。オレゴンプロジェクトの本格的な発電所の建設に、オーストラリアのプロジェクトのほうが先行しそうな感じですね。上のエントリーのタイミングでは、日本でのプロジェクトも可能性ありとのことでしたが、どうなっているでしょうか? また調べて、何かわかったら報告します。

プレスリリース / Ocean Power Technologies,July 11, 2012
Ocean Power Technologies and Lockheed Martin to Develop Wave-Energy Project In Australia

"Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: OPTT), a leading wave energy technology company, and Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) have entered into a teaming agreement with the goal of developing a 19 megawatt wave-energy project in Portland, in the state of Victoria, Australia. This is one of the largest wave-energy projects announced to date, and leverages a grant from the Commonwealth of Australia.

For the project, Lockheed Martin will assist with the design of Ocean Power Technologies’ (OPT) PowerBuoy(R) technology, lead the production and system integration of the wave-energy converters and support overall program management. Lockheed Martin and OPT have been collaborating since 2004, first on the development of an Advanced Deployable System for the U.S. Navy and most recently to design and launch utility-scale wave energy converters off the coast of Reedsport, Oregon.

“Lockheed Martin is applying its expertise to commercialize promising, emerging alternative energy technologies,” said Dan Heller, vice president of new ventures for Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems & Sensors business. “We see great potential in harnessing the vast power of the ocean. By working with OPT and Australian industry on this project, we will advance wave energy in Australia and globally.”

According to the World Energy Council, wave energy has the potential to produce around 2,000 terawatt hours of electricity a year, or enough power to meet 10 percent of the world’s current energy needs. In Australia, which has very attractive wave resources, this percentage could be significantly higher.

Charles F. Dunleavy, Chief Executive Officer of OPT, said, “Lockheed Martin’s commitment to alternative energy and its engineering, production, and systems integration expertise will provide momentum to our Australia initiatives, where both companies see great potential for large-scale wave energy generation. We also appreciate the Commonwealth government’s continued support of this project, which we expect to create a significant number of local jobs as we develop and maintain operations over the life of the power station.”

Funding for the project also includes a previously announced grant of A$66.5 million ($65.3 million USD) from the Commonwealth of Australia’s Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. A Funding Deed sets out the terms of the grant, including the requirement to obtain significant additional project financing.

The project is to be developed by a special purpose Australian company, Victorian Wave Partners Pty Ltd, currently owned by Ocean Power Technologies (Australasia) Pty Ltd. The partners are assessing financing opportunities for the project and pursuing power purchase agreements with local industry and utilities.
.......... "

Australia Makes Waves in Renewable Energy-----Austraria Government (Minister for Resources and Energy, Minister for Tourism),03 July 2012

Australia’s Wave of the Future-----Lockheed Martin,July 11, 2012

-----image(”Lockheed Martin and Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) are teaming up to develop a 19-megawatt wave energy generation project in Victoria for the Australian government. Using OPT’s PowerBuoy wave generation system, it is the world’s largest wave energy project announced to date. Photo courtesy OPT.”) : 上記リリースより

Surf’s Up for Oregon Wave Power Project-----Lockheed Martin,

"Lockheed Martin, Ocean Power Technologies to collaborate on 1.5 MW wave power generation project"

Ocean Power Technologies Deployment of PB150 PowerBuoy off Scotland


オーシャンパワー・テクノロジー Ocean Power Technologies、150KW波力発電装置パワーブイ PB150を完成-----ソフトエネルギー、2011/03/01

オーシャンパワー・テクノロジー Ocean Power Technologies - ブイ型波力発電 パワーブイ Power Bouy-----自然エネルギー、2011/06/23


 ロッキード・マーティン Lockheed Martinは、海洋温度差発電に積極的に取り組んでいます。航空&軍事産業にエネルギーも得意な営業と技術力を生かして展開する予定のようです。

ハワイ米海軍、ロッキード・マーティン Lockheed Martin の海洋温度差発電(OTEC)をプラントを採用。開発へ-----ソフトエネルギー、2011/02/23

あのロッキード社 Lockheed Martin が考える、マイクログリッドとは?-----自然エネルギー、2011/09/27

GreenPost - しなやかな技術研究会 2012/7/23-24日版

浮体式洋上風力発電 Floating Wind Turbine No.1-----再生可能エネルギー GreenPost、2012/7/21

自然エネルギー関連情報 / 2012 - 7月 GreenPost



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