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One Laptop per Childd (OLPC)、タブレットパソコン Marvell XO-3 Moby tablet の開発へ

 世界の教育現場にパソコンと通信環境を提供する運動を商業ペースで確立することを目指すOne Laptop per Childは、現在のラップトップ形パソコンでの展開に新たに、Marvell社と共同でタブレット形のパソコンのプロトタイプの開発を今年中に行い、2011年のCESにもその成果を発表したいとのことです。

Marvell XO-3 Moby tablet in Developed World First, says Nicholas Negroponte-----OLPC News,27 May 2010

" ..........
How about this telling quote from Negroponte, with emphasis added:
"At CES [2011] we will show a tablet that can be and will be used for children in the developed world that will allow us to start testing many of the things that combine, if you will, a laptop, an iPad, and a Kindle, and sort of take those and put them into one device."
..... "

OLPC's Negroponte says XO-3 prototype tablet coming in 2010



One Laptop per Child Foundation / Newsroom
/ 27 May 2010 OLPC News Exclusive: Marvell XO-3 Moby will run Sugar Learning Platform
-Twitter : olpcnews

Marvell: Mobylize -Marvell Moby Tablet Platform
-----image : 同サイト

OLPC Thank You Video


プレスリリース / Marvell,May 27, 2010
One Laptop per Child and Marvell Join Forces to Redefine Tablet Computing for Students Around the World

-----image(”Marvell Drives Education Revolution with New Moby Tablet ”) : 同リリースより

" Marvell and OLPC Empower Education Industry to Revolutionize the Classroom Experience through Advanced, Affordably-Priced
The new family of XO tablets will incorporate elements and new capabilities based on feedback from the nearly 2 million children and families around the world who use the current XO laptop. The XO tablet, for example, will require approximately one watt of power to operate (compared to about 5 watts necessary for the current XO laptop). The XO tablet will also feature a multi-lingual soft keyboard with touch feedback, enabling it to serve millions more children who speak virtually any language anywhere in the world.

The device is also decidedly "constructionist" in nature. By design, it combines hardware and software to deliver a platform that will enable educators, students and families around the world to create their own content, and learn to read, write, and create their own education programs and share all of these experiences via a mesh network model. The device will also feature an application to directly access more than 2 million free books available across the Internet.
.......... "

Sugar Labs?learning software for children

Marvell backs ambitious $100 OLPC tablet-----CNETMay 27, 2010


「100ドルノートPC」が200ドルに / クリッピング ITmedia News-----しなやかな技術研究会、2007/11/05

100ドルPCプロジェクトのOLPC,2007年10月より量産開始 / クリッピング ITpro-----しなやかな技術研究会、2007/07/26

Public can purchase $100 laptop / クリッピング BBC News ($100PC計画、一般への販売もあるかも?)-----しなやかな技術研究会、2007/01/23

$100 Laptop Project Moves Closer to Narrowing Digital Divide (動きだした100ドルPC計画)/ プレスリリース United Nations Development Programme(UNDP)-----しなやかな技術研究会、2006/02/17


タブレットデバイスは今後5年間で順調に拡大――米IDC予測-----RBB TODAY,2010年5月21日

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