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豪華でエコな飛行船による空の旅の提案 Seymourpowell Aircruise Concept

 豪華な空の旅、大量の水素ガスを内部に蓄え、その水素を使って燃料電池駆動で電源を得ることができる、さらに太陽電池や風も利用する飛行船。そんなスカイクルージングをSamsung Construction and Trading (C&T)の依頼でSeymourpowell社が形にしました。題してシーモアパウエルのエアークールーズコンセプト Seymourpowell Aircruise Concept。
 そこで提案されているのは、乗客百名のための378tもある高さ265mの巨大な空の城です。水素ガスは、上下に移動する浮力調節と搭載された燃料電池で電源の確保を可能にします。フレキシブルな外殻にとりつけらえた太陽電池も電源を供給し、風の助けをかりて飛行することもできます。まさに、ゆったりとした滞空経験を約束する巨大な空のホテルです。最大飛行高度は12,000 feet(3600m)、飛行速度は時速100-150kmで、ロンドン-ニューヨーク間を37時間の豪華な空の旅で結ぶことが可能だということです。

"Cruising speed without tail or headwind is 100 - 150 Km/hr. This equates to journey times that are appropriate to the cruise experience: London to New York in 37 hours; Los Angeles to Shanghai in 90 hours."-----以下リリースより

プレスリリース / Seymourpowell,03 February 2010
Seymourpowell introduces the Aircruise - a clipper in the clouds-----Seymourpowell : Seymourpowell Aircruise Concept

-----image : 同リリースより

" Visionary concept work for Samsung C&T explores the future of travel and transport.
Leading design and innovation company Seymourpowell is today unveiling full details of its visionary transportation concept, Aircruise - a giant, vertical airship powered by natural energy and designed to carry travellers in style and luxury.

Originally a self-generated project, Seymourpowell's Aircruise is the concept design for a hotel in the sky, with low passenger numbers and huge internal spaces offering room for living, dining and relaxing, as well as scope for dramatic and inspirational public spaces. The initial design proposes a bar/lounge zone, four duplex apartments, a penthouse and five smaller apartments.

The concept subsequently captured the imagination of Korean giant Samsung Construction and Trading (C&T). Driven by its interest in new materials for building, Samsung C&T appointed Seymourpowell to refine the idea and produce a detailed computer animation of the proposed experience to illustrate this visionary approach to the future. The video can be viewed here:
Lifted by hydrogen and powered by solar energy, the Aircruise concept also has obvious environmental benefits. Seung Min Kim, design director at Samsung C&T commented, "This was a dream concept project for us, helping to realise a future of sustainable buildings combined with innovative and luxury lifestyle. In an age when environmental impact is a key consideration for architecture, we are keen to extend this vision of the future by searching for solutions that can be realised by 2015 - the year that many futurologists foresee as the turning point for the future."

Although only a conceptual proposal, the transportation design team at Seymourpowell developed a detailed and achievable technical specification for the craft. See below for further technical details.

Proposed conceptual specifications for Aircruise as follows:
From the docking rig at the base to the tip, the ship is 265 metres tall. Hydrogen, the lightest gas, is used as the lifting gas, and is capable of lifting around 1.2Kg per cubic metre of volume. Large PEM hydrogen fuel cells will provide on board power and some drinking water.

The volume of the main envelope in the ship is calculated at 330,000 cubic metres, which equals 396,000 Kg of available lift at sea level (1,000Kg = 1 Tonne (t)).

Estimated weights:
Primary structure, envelope and systems 270t (reference - around the same weight as an airbus A380 super jumbo, empty weight)
People (estimate max 100 people on board) 15t
Total load factor 378t
Available lift excess is therefore 18-20t or 20,000kg of lift.
.......... "

Seymourpowell Aircruise Concept





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