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New Zealand Commits to 90% Renewable Electricity by 2025 / クリッピング Renewabel Energy Access(2025年に90%を再生可能エネルギーで、、、ニュージーランド)

" In a speech this week, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke announced New Zealand's intention to commit to 90% renewable electricity by 2025, according to a press release issued by the New Zealand government. "
-----Renewabel Energy Access,2007/09/26


プレスリリース / Rt.Hon Helen Clark -Beehive.govt.nz , 20/09/2007
Launch of emissions trading scheme
Helen Clark launches Emissions Trading Scheme (part 1 of 2)

New Zealand Energy Statistics: June 2007 quarter
/ Electricity generation at second-highest June quarter level

" Hydro and wind generation decreased this quarter and supplied only 54 percent of the total electricity generated, the lowest ratio since 1992 when it was also 54 percent. Hydro lake levels were below average over the whole of this quarter but well above the low levels experienced in 1992. "

International Energy Agency : New Zealand Country Page / Renewables in New Zealand in 2004

EarthTrends(WRI) / New Zealand - Energy and Resources - Country Profile


・[ http://home.e07.itscom.net/mfat/NZUsefulWebsitesMar2007.pdf ]


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・ - World Environment Day 2008 to be Hosted by New Zealand with Focus on Fostering Low-Carbon Economies-----UNEP,1 October 2007
" New Zealand, one of the first countries to pledge a carbon-neutral future, will be the main host of World Environment Day 2008, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) announced today.

The challenge of climate change and threats to polar regions and beyond were spotlighted in Norway as part of World Environment Day (WED) 2007.

The focus of the global 2008 celebrations hosted in New Zealand will be on the solutions and the opportunities for countries, companies and communities to "Kick the habit" and de-carbonize their economies and life-styles.

Measures include greater energy efficiency in buildings and appliances, including light bulbs, up to a switch towards cleaner and renewable forms of electricity generation and transport systems.

The focus will also be put on the role of forests in countering rises in greenhouse gases. An estimated 20 per cent of emissions contributing to climate change globally are a result of deforestation.

New Zealand, where forestry is an important industry and conservation of forests is a high priority, plans to use WED to highlight the role technologies and forestry management can play in achieving domestic and international climate goals.

"As part of New Zealand's drive for greater environmental sustainability, we've made a commitment to reduce our emissions. But to overcome the challenge of climate change, kicking the carbon habit must be a truly global goal. During next year's World Environment Day events I look forward to learning about how other nations are addressing this challenge," said Prime Minister Helen Clark. "


投稿: 追加情報 Kick the Habit | 2007/10/01 22:45




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